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for an innovative data economy


innovation consulting

We consult and support our customers in various fields like innovation, management and data consulting.

data and technology 

Seamless data sharing on decentral data hubs - either with known partners in closed data spaces or exploring new data opportunities. 


nexyo offers consulting for data-driven organisations and the associated technologies and services for the growth market of the 21st century: to turn data into business.

Data is the crucial economic raw material of the 21st century. Their safe and targeted use, compilation and evaluation is one of the central factors of economic success today. Nexyo is your partner for innovative data services and technology.

innovation consulting

We offer consulting and services around digital innovations and help you to develop business area innovations across company and industry boundaries. We give innovators the tools, guides and insights to help organizations boost the way they work.


data and technology

The nexyo hub enables data management and data sharing of decentral data sources. We enable auto contracting with governed data assets across companies with excellent data monitoring while keeping full data sovereignty.

For this purpose, we offer the technical infrastructure basis with the nexyo DataHub developed by us and the moderated platforms for different sectors and needs with the nexyo DataSpaces.

nexyo services and products

We offer the right package for you

Data Spaces

You want to establish secure data spaces and share your data and keep the sovereignty over all your data? We support you by analysing and defining your business and data needs. 

Data Publisher

You want to publish your data from own data catalogues? You need a modern user management, access permissions, jupyter integration and S3 Connector? Use our intuitive Data Publisher.

Data Project Suite

You need a a data workbench for your sophisticated data projects? Use our Data Project Solutions with all from Data Publisher plus social login, team based sharing, data workbench and data project management.

Business Data Solutions

All of Projects, Data Contracting, Handy-Signature, Data Lifecycle, Data Discovery, Metadata Generation, Business Connectors

Enterprise Data Platform

All of Business, further network integrations, Digital Watermarking, DSGVO, SOX, Global Catalogues, Data Monitoring, Data Planing, Enterprise Connectors

Our Vision

We want to innovate and connect companies to enable data sharing by using a decentral hub network. With this you manage digital rights and all available data by keeping full data sovereignty. 

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